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Autumn in Marblehead

It's truly an odd year when the leaves at Seaside Park have turned before the kids are back in school... Today marks the official first day of school and both of my kids are ready with laptops in hand for the remote start that will guide us into the hybrid model to carry kids through the school year. Meanwhile, I had errands in town this weekend and spotted the tree at Gatchell already turned and with more than half of its canopy gone while this one at Seaside Park was also a dull orange with lots of dropped leaves. I'm [...]

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Changing Colors at Seaside Park

As I picked up my kids from school yesterday, I stared at this maple tree at Seaside Park wondering if it might reach the peak colors that I've captured in years past. Whether it was the dry summer or other reasons, this particular maple doesn't look as vibrant as I recall from past visits and went into my 'to be published' folder to find this shot from October 4, 2014 for comparison. That year must have been a perfect one because every single leaf on the tree and on the ground was a picture perfect shade of red, orange or [...]

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Mother’s Grave – Happy Halloween

With cemeteries whose age is counted in the hundreds of years, Marblehead is home to some very unique gravestones.  My personal favorite is this simple one engraved with the lone word Mother that can be found at the Green Street cemetery.  The gravestone is haunting for its simplicity and happens to lie in front of a maple tree. That combination made it an easy favorite to shoot and one that I've visited on a number of occasions for subtly different compositions. I couldn't think of a better image than this one of Mother's grave to wish everyone a Happy Halloween. [...]

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The Maple Tree at Seaside Park

I've shared two images of this Maple tree at Seaside Park so far but couldn't help myself in sharing one more vantage point.  I had photographed this tree for the first time in the fog on October 20, 2012 and had returned on October 4, 2014 to find it at nearly peak color.  The light was flat and skies were gray and so I made it a point to return the next morning when the forecast called for blue skies and scattered clouds. I started off photographing this Maple tree from the other direction so that I could include the Seaside [...]

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Peak Foliage in Marblehead – Brilliant Reds at Seaside Park

Monday's post included a horizontal view of this maple tree at Seaside park showcasing its brilliant red color at peak foliage along Atlantic Avenue.  I couldn't leave this scene with only one image and worked a number of angles before the sun rose too high in the sky for me to be able to get the compositions I wanted. I'm still torn over which image I prefer - this vertical one or Monday's horizontal view.  In either case, I was thrilled to be able to capture this tree's beautiful colors showcasing Fall in Marblehead.

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Old Town House and the Maple Tree

On Sunday morning, after capturing views of dawn from Beacon Street, I drove into historic downtown Marblehead to check on the progress of a certain tree on Washington Street.  This maple tree stands in the space between two multi-family homes with stores on the ground floors.  I have tried to capture the Old Town House and the maple tree on several occasions over the years but was never happy with the colors of the leaves of the composition. As I drove down Mugford Street, I was surprised to see very few cars parked around Old Town House and Washington Street. [...]

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Peak Foliage in Marblehead – The Tree on the Avenue

There are a few trees in town that have become my favorites over these past 5 years and the maple on Atlantic Avenue near the Seaside park sign is among them.  I had gone out on Saturday in grey, flat light and found this tree to have reached almost peak foliage.  The weather was due to turn for the better the next morning and so I made the quick decision to wake up early and try to capture theist tree at peak foliage in better light. I started off shooting around Doliber Cover and Little Harbor (come back Thursday and [...]

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Gravestones under a Maple Tree

Fall has arrived but the trees are only slowly making their way from green to brilliant orange and red this year.  I decided to look back at the archive and found this image captured on September 25, 2013 with gravestones at the Green Street Cemetery seen under the light of a Maple tree at peak Fall colors. I had capture this tree previously in a favorite image.  You can see all of my foliage images of Marblehead to get ready for this coming season by clicking here - Click for Foliage  

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The Maple Tree on the Corner

Last week, I put out a question on my Facebook page asking if anyone had a great tree in their neighborhood.  I received a few responses including one remarking on the near-peak maple at the corner of Bowden and Bessom.  As the sky cleared after a light rain and the light dipped lower in the sky, I decided to head over and check out the tree.  The report was spot on and I quickly set up in the parking lot at Gilbert and Cole to capture the maple. The most nagging part of this image was what to do about [...]

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Mother under the Maple Tree

This is the perfect ending to Halloween week on Wednesdays in Marblehead.  I was biking around town in search of foliage when I spotted this maple outside the cemetery on the corner of Elm and Creesy Streets.  I couldn't find the right angle to shoot it from outside the cemetery so I ventured inside.  Once there, I found a few gravestones that would make for a nice foreground but the light wasn't quite right.  Then the clouds shifted and the light illuminated the singular word 'Mother' on the one gravestone standing apart from the rest.  I dropped to the ground [...]

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