Seaside park

Seeing Red at Seaside Park

On Saturday, I found myself driving my daughter to Fen Yang and spotted a brilliant red glow to my right as we passed Seaside Park. I had decided to drive to Spray Avenue for the moonrise but had time so I circled back and parked to try to capture this maple tree at peak color. I found this angle from the base of the stairs at Our Lady, Star of the Sea across the street and waited for a break in the traffic to get this shot. There is another maple near the water fountain that I last captured at [...]

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Autumn in Marblehead

It's truly an odd year when the leaves at Seaside Park have turned before the kids are back in school... Today marks the official first day of school and both of my kids are ready with laptops in hand for the remote start that will guide us into the hybrid model to carry kids through the school year. Meanwhile, I had errands in town this weekend and spotted the tree at Gatchell already turned and with more than half of its canopy gone while this one at Seaside Park was also a dull orange with lots of dropped leaves. I'm [...]

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Seaside Foliage

We are only a few days into the fall season but the warm weather has me concerned about foliage displays this year. I've already driven by this maple at Seaside park and noticed its leaves turning and beginning to fall but in more of a piecemeal fashion than past year's all-at-once displays. The same can be said for other spots around town but, hopefully, this is not going to be true of the entire season. If you would like to get an early peak at fall, stop along Atlantic Avenue for some Seaside foliage. Otherwise, maybe we should enjoy the [...]

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Playing Ball at Seaside Park

After watching the Red Sox take a 2-1 lead last night against the Houston Astros, I looked through my 'to be posted' catalog for an image to share today and immediately stopped at this one.  I had flown my drone over the parking lot across from Seaside Park in the summer of 2017 while the Seasiders were playing ball. While Seaside Park obviously gets its name from its position abutting the harbor, it's only in an aerial view that one can appreciate just how close the harbor really is. The boats filling their moorings and the entirety of Marblehead Neck [...]

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Changing Colors at Seaside Park

As I picked up my kids from school yesterday, I stared at this maple tree at Seaside Park wondering if it might reach the peak colors that I've captured in years past. Whether it was the dry summer or other reasons, this particular maple doesn't look as vibrant as I recall from past visits and went into my 'to be published' folder to find this shot from October 4, 2014 for comparison. That year must have been a perfect one because every single leaf on the tree and on the ground was a picture perfect shade of red, orange or [...]

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Fall in the Air over Seaside Park

On Sunday, I watched the sky fill with clouds in the morning but then show signs of breaking up in the afternoon.  I had to pick up my son on the Neck and so I threw the drone in the car and stopped at Seaside Park after picking him up and forcing him to join me. I was surprised to find another drone at the park - this one was a racing model flown by a boy with first person view goggles on.  I was a bit jealous as I set my much larger drone down and flew it in [...]

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Baseball by the Harbor at Seaside Park

When I drove down Atlantic Avenue on Sunday and spotted the sign for a Seasiders baseball game set to start at 5pm, I decided to return with my Phantom 4 Pro and capture the view of baseball by the harbor at Seaside park.  I had captured this baseball field on Atlantic Avenue a number of times but was looking forward to an aerial view that would show the proximity of the field to Marblehead Harbor behind it and the rest of the town. I launched the drone from the lot across the street and hovered overhead while waiting (and hoping) [...]

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Play Ball at Seaside Park

This year, the North Shore baseball league brought their Summer series to Seaside Park in Marblehead.  The Marblehead Seasiders played games on weekdays and weekends in front of the wooden grandstand that still stands after one hundred years. I drove by several times when games were in session and it was quite a sight to view a game being played at this perfect little field.  With the first season over, I'm sure many in town will look forward to watching a Summer game at Seaside park next year.

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The Grandstand at Seaside Park

In May 2014, I was still getting the hang of capturing these black and white infrared images when I drove by Seaside Park and had to stop and take a few shots.  I had quickly learned that foliage against blue skies made for a great combination in infrared and this scene before me offered the best of both. Though the bases had not yet been placed in position, the grandstand at Seaside Park stood perfectly centered in its dark wood color amidst a sea of foliage that shone white in this final image.  The grass similarly glowed and was broken [...]

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Bleachers in the Fog at Seaside Park

In early December of 2011, a thick fog descended on Marblehead.  I had an image in mind at Seaside park that would work best with fog and headed down there to see if the conditions were right. As it turned out, the fog was even thicker that I had hoped for and set up the scene perfectly.  I used the metal bleachers as a leading line toward the wooden covered ones just beyond. I decided to make this a 'black and white week' so you can look forward to more images of Marblehead in black and white in the days [...]

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