When I flew my drone on a late September morning, I did so mostly to scout out foliage spots and was a bit disappointed with the lack of vibrant color. While hovering up there, I couldn’t help but capture this view of Abbot Hall after its recent restoration and with the lawn coming along nicely. As a bonus, the birds eye view allowed me to capture a good portion of historic downtown (Old Town to some), the harbor and most of the Neck. With the 11am sun coming at an angle, the scene had a nice light to it as well which I didn’t come to appreciate until a week later.

I tried revisiting this shot recently but had to give up due to high winds. I thought about retrying this Wednesday but fear the peak of color has already passed with lots of leaf drop from high winds and more likely with the rain. But, as I said, this shot kept growing on me and I think it ended up as a pretty nice view of the town.