On the last day of January, I drove across the causeway hoping for a nice sunset. As I drove I noticed icicles along the causeway and then a surprising amount of ice present on both sides of the Neck.  I continued onto Castle Rock and got out to find an impressive amount of ice along the rock face above the high tide mark.  I took a few photos from the grassy area and then made my way (carefully) down to the beach below.

The sunset wasn’t bringing the light I had hoped so I focused instead on the beach and rocks with less of the sky visible in the final composition. I had to position the tripod just out of reach of the arctic water and then time the shot for the moment after a wave came to shore and began to recede back into the sea. With a 1/40th of a second exposure, there is a hint of movement to the water in the foreground with the tripod allowing me to keep the detail on the rock sharp.