High Tide Mark at Castle Rock

On the last day of January, I drove across the causeway hoping for a nice sunset. As I drove I noticed icicles along the causeway and then a surprising amount of ice present on both sides of the Neck.  I continued onto Castle Rock and got out to find an impressive amount of ice along the rock face above the high tide mark.  I took a few photos from the grassy area and then made my way (carefully) down to the beach below. The sunset wasn't bringing the light I had hoped so I focused instead on the beach and [...]

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Golden Light on Cove Beach

I spent the weekend catching up on almost 1,500 photos taken over the past few weeks (mostly of the kids including lots of baseball and lacrosse shots). I also had a few landscapes hidden amongst them including this one of Cove Beach at the end of the public way at Cove Lane on the Neck. I visited this spot on June 2nd, 2019 when the clouds promised to break just right and create a nice sunset. The light show wasn't quite what I had hoped for but it did cast some nice golden light on the water and shore of [...]

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At Gas House Beach – July 4, 2018 – 2:30pm

On Wednesday, July 4th, I decided the conditions were perfect to try a new series of aerial photographs of Marblehead beaches filled with sunbathers trying to escape the hot and humid weather. The July 4th weekend with its perfect combination of hot weather, clear skies, calm water and well timed high tide created the perfect opportunity. In this image at Gas House Beach, I positioned the drone over the water of Little Harbor and watched the participants in the water to time this capture. I think it perfectly represents a hot summer day in Marblehead and the lure of the beach. [...]

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The Beach on Cove Lane

I've visited the beach on Cove Lane many times since first wandering down this public way on Marblehead Neck. Today's image comes from almost exactly three years ago when I made my way onto the Neck near sunset and found the beach deserted and with calm waters. The lone boat and hint of fog made for a very calm mood that night which hopefully carries forward in the final shot.

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The Beach at Brown’s Island

Grace Oliver Beach was my first stop on Sunday morning and I launched from the entrance to Crowninshield Road from which I could explore Doliber's cover and Brown's Island.  I was hoping for more color in the dense tree cover at Brown's but found only a hint of yellows and oranges.  Instead of focusing on foliage, I decided to fly higher and capture the whole of the island while focusing more on the beach at Brown's Island as well as the shallow waters. Sunday may have been the final day of this Indian summer as a cold front was due [...]

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Summer Sunsets are the Best (name this beach)

Today's image comes from a never-ending Summer sunset that took place on July 18th.  I started shooting this sunset at 8pm on Parker Lane and it finally finished up at 8:18pm as I made my way to the small beach along the harbor on the Neck side of the causeway. I guess this is still considered part of Riverhead Beach as I can't find any other names for this small beach.  If you know of its proper name, please let me know.

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Moored in the Mouth of the Harbor

Today's image comes from June 21st and a trip across the causeway to this small beach at the end of Cove Lane.  This beach has become a favorite location to shoot Marblehead Light, oncoming or departing storms and, especially, the Aurora Borealis. On this day, I was searching for an image that would capture the warmth of the day.  The great Winter of 2015 was not yet a distant memory and any images of warmth were welcome.  With a lone sailboat moored in the mouth of the harbor and bathed in the golden light of the setting sun, I knew [...]

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Summer Days at Castle Rock

With the gray, raw day that just passed, I was looking for a bright Summer view of Marblehead and found this image from mid-September.  I had received an ultra-wide angle on loan from Canon and was busy putting it through its paces when I decided to try a few compositions at Castle Rock. The lens was proving to be quite challenging in that every part of the frame needed to be used to produce a solid final image.  For this shot, I set up the camera on a tripod very close to the ocean's edge and waited for the moment [...]

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Rocky Beach at Castle Rock

Continuing with the week's exploration of Marblehead using a super wide lens, I headed out to Castle Rock at low tide hoping that this lens would allow me to capture the entire beach from a vantage point other than the overlook.  One of the tricky parts of this lens is that it is so wide you have to be careful of including your own shadow in the final image. With the sun behind me, I walked along the rocky beach at Castle Rock and ended up in the shade afforded by a large rock formation.  I used the nearby rock [...]

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Harbor Illumination on the Fourth of July

This year's Fourth of July celebration was a whirlwind event during which I participated in my first Artisans Marketplace and learned that I had won Peoples Choice Award in the Festival of Arts Photography exhibit.  With both those events having just taken place, I rode my bicycle onto Marblehead Neck in the hopes of capturing images of the annual harbor illumination as well as the Marblehead fireworks display.  I've shared a few images from this night already but finally had the chance to review other images captured that evening and found a few more I would like to share with [...]

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