So this weekend, I had the chance to sit down and finish working on images from the night of June 15th when two storms split around Marblehead and created amazing light. Turns out I had come away with a very high ‘keeper’ total of 18 images (including two awesome panoramas). I had planned to share all of my keepers from this night to show how a change in lens, composition and/or light can transform a scene and make each shot new and different but 18 is a LOT of images from one night. I think I’ll just share images this week and then put the rest in the To Be Published folder.

So after capturing the scene of blue waves near the horizon with my longest lens, I quickly jumped to my backpack and swapped for my widest lens and captured this image at 16mm. The wide view allowed me to take in the incredible sky with light reflecting on the water of the harbor and boats filling the moorings.  This is one of those very simple shots that required very little effort to capture but became an instant favorite for showcasing the beauty of our town.