On Wednesday, September 8, I headed out twice on photo outings and found myself at one of my favorite public ways both times. Parker Lane can be found shortly after crossing the causeway onto Marblehead Neck and is a small lane leading to a bench that overlooks Marblehead Harbor. There used to be stairs leading down to the shore but those washed away a few years ago. In its place is a new ladder bolted to the concrete wall which continues to allow access to the shore during all but high tides.

I had visited Parker Lane at 2pm as my first stop before heading to other public ways along the Neck to capture the warm early September cumulus clouds against a backdrop of blue skies. As sunset approached, I headed out again and captured one of my favorite shots of the day from the shore at low tide. The sunset held a lot of promise when I took this at 6:30pm but the clouds you see ended up moving too far out of the frame before the sun completed its descent.

Still, not much like a warm September evening and few better spots from which to take it all in than Parker Lane.

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