Public way

The View from Peabody Lane

Last Wednesday ended up being a tour of public ways on the Neck and this stop at the end of Peabody Lane provides some great views in either direction. Looking left you can see Abbot Hall and a harbor filled with boats. To the right is the Corinthian Yacht Club and, well, more boats filling the harbor. This is one of the more intimidating public ways as you end up having to walk along the well kept lawn of a home to get to this overlook.

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Parker Lane Sunset

On Wednesday, September 8, I headed out twice on photo outings and found myself at one of my favorite public ways both times. Parker Lane can be found shortly after crossing the causeway onto Marblehead Neck and is a small lane leading to a bench that overlooks Marblehead Harbor. There used to be stairs leading down to the shore but those washed away a few years ago. In its place is a new ladder bolted to the concrete wall which continues to allow access to the shore during all but high tides. I had visited Parker Lane at 2pm as [...]

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Spring Sunsets in Marblehead

There's just something about the light in April that makes for incredible colors at dawn (as in yesterday's post from Sunday morning) and gorgeous spring sunsets (as in this shot from Saturday night).  I had gone out at 6pm after a warm spring day as the clouds promised a decent chance for a solid sunset.  As I headed across the causeway, I glanced in my rearview mirror and continued to look back toward the town as I drove up Foster Street.  When I reached the public way at Parker Lane, I knew I had the perfect spot and pulled over. [...]

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Sunset at Parker Lane

We were having a fairly quiet Saturday night and had little to eat in the house so orders were called in to Junji for sushi and Marblehead House of Pizza for a small pie.  As I looked at the sky starting to pick up the first colors of sunset, I quickly volunteered to pick up the food and knew just the spot to spend the 15-20 minute wait while the food was prepared. Parker Lane is the first public way on Marblehead Neck as you cross the causeway and has become a go-to spot on many evenings.  I pulled up [...]

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Watching the Storm Roll In From Cove Beach

We had what seemed like an endless run of rainy days to end August and begin September.  On this particular day (Sept 1st), the sky cleared shortly before noon and promised only a few hours of relief.  I decided to take advantage of the brief respite to head out and shoot under what should have been good light. I quickly decided to head to Marblehead Neck and then made stops at most of the public ways.  I ended at Cove Lane and stopped at the top of the chairs to survey this scene that lay before me.  As you can [...]

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Chasing the Light 2 – Sunburst from Cove Lane

So after leaving Castle Rock a bit disappointed in missing the best light, I drove further up the Neck, around Chandler Hovey and parked near Cove Lane.  I took advantage of the public way and walked down to the beach to see if the sunset might hold some promise.  I found this scene before me and a smile crept onto my face...maybe this would make up for having struck out a bit at Castle Rock. I set about choosing my composition and made sure all the elements were where I wanted them. I then closed down the aperture to f/22 [...]

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Summer Sunset from Parker Lane

For anyone who was on my Facebook page at 8:30pm last night, here is the result of the sneak peak I posted there.  I noticed some great clouds near 8pm and decided to drive up to the Neck and try for some shots at Castle Rock.  Unfortunately, I just missed the best light there and was a bit upset at the wasted trip.  As I drove up to Chandler Hovey, though, I saw a great sunset taking shape.  I started shooting at Cove lane as the sun dipped beneath the clouds and then drove on to Parker Lane for this [...]

The Cove

August 20th began as a gray day and I just about had to force myself to get out and explore town while my wife and kids attended a birthday party.  As I drove around and found myself heading to the Neck, I noted that the sky was clearing up nicely.  I decided to stop at Cove Lane which is a public right of way to the harbor and was thrilled to see the tide was in a bit and the water perfectly clear and calm.  It also turned out to be surprisingly warm so I wandered in with the tripod [...]

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The Hydrangeas on Peabody Lane

I was out over the Fourth of July weekend scouting locations to shoot from and decided to stop at each of the public right-of-ways that dot the Neck.  I immediately noticed the beautiful hydrangeas in full bloom at this house on Peabody lane and made a note to return.  The next morning I arrived as the sun rose above the trees and produced great dappled light to highlight a few of the beautiful blue flowers.  I later found out this was one of the gardens featured in the recent Garden tour of the Neck. Below is another view - this [...]

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