On Saturday night, I had headed out of the house when the rain began to fall and ended up at Crocker Park just in time to capture a rainbow over Marblehead Harbor. You may have noticed the boats were bathed in golden light…I sure did. Which prompted me to turn around and find this view of Abbot Hall awash in gold during a sunset in the rain.

I captured 7 frames over a span of 2 minutes from Crocker Park while holding the camera in one hand and an umbrella in the other. This was the last frame and the least ‘fake looking’ one of the bunch. The first few shots had captured such intense yellow-golden light that you would think I had played with the images in Photoshop and turned the saturation to 11 to get them. I literally couldn’t do anything to tone down the color in the sky while keeping the homes and other colors looking real in those first few shots so I decided to work on this last image which had the least amount of color of the set.