I was looking for a photo to share having built up my ‘to be posted’ archive with several productive outings and happened upon this image captured at dawn on October 3rd. I had lucked out with a far nicer than expected dawn and sunrise and made sure to capture it with various compositions. Here I tried to accentuate the reflections of boats on the still waters of Marblehead Harbor which was serving almost like a mirror to bring color throughout the scene.

As I tried to figure out a good title, I thought that ‘Reflections on a Good Summer’ suited it nicely. It was just that – a good summer. Not great with that month of rain mixed in and COVID concerns still lingering but good and just what we needed to start enjoying life and time with friends again.

If I can find a break in the rain, I hope to head to Eat Well Kitchen to hang up some prints that will be there for the month of November.  If you have ever wondered what my framed, metal or canvas prints look like in person, there will be plenty of examples to view in that great bright space. I’ll be in the store on December 4th for a pop up shop with calendars for sale.