On October 23rd, I had flown my drone from the parking lot of the Masonic Temple and was disappointed to find very few trees had changed colors. I made it a point to return and, on November 10th, after capturing a great scene at Ware Lane, I did just that. I flew the drone just as I had before and was very happy with the foliage and the angle of the sun reflecting off the leaves. The few clouds over Chandler Hovey Park were a nice bonus.

I returned home happy to view the images only to find that the card was unreadable. I tried every trick I knew to get the dozen images off the card and, in the end, managed to save just this one. As it happened, it was the best of the bunch (the others were viewable but had long black lines cutting through the images).

With the wind and rain that followed this day, I’m sure the scene didn’t last long and I was thankful to have recovered this image to share.