And we have reached my favorite image of 2021. first I want to thank everyone for what ended up being a incredible year for calendar and print sales. For the first time ever, I had three separate calendar printings and received such kind works about the images chosen. I also had the fortune of hanging my work at Eat Well Kitchen where many of the prints sold right off the wall. It really is the highest of compliments for a photographer to have someone connect with an image to the point of wanting to hang a print in their home. Thank you!

Back to the image of ‘Spring in the Park’ captured at sunset on Wednesday, April 14th. Strangely, this image sat for two weeks before being shared as I had decided to share one taken of the harbor when I got home. It was only later that I appreciated the composition I had chosen at the time with Abbot Hall rising above the multicolored house and the soft yellow daffodils in front of the block of granite.

For being one of those images that slipped through on first glance but had all the compositional elements of a fast favorite, ‘Spring in the Park’ is my favorite image of 2021.

Stay tuned for my Year in Review slideshow debuting tomorrow morning at 9am.