What a morning – and I thought it was cold on Tuesday…

So on Tuesday the 11th, I had gone out before work to capture sea smoke and found just a hint of it to be found from along Front Street. With this morning’s projected temperatures to be even lower, I thought I had a better chance despite the predictions for high winds. This time I headed for Devereux Beach knowing that the sun would rise over Tinker’s Island and serve to backlight the rising steam from the Atlantic ocean.

I arrived at 7am and dound some really nice sea smoke surround Tinker’s. Then the sun started to light up the low level clouds and I got to work. It was FAR colder this morning with the wind but I was mostly ready including a convenient mask to protect my face. My hands still felt numb despite good gloves after 10 minutes and I returned to the car to warm up just before the sun peeked over the clouds.

I returned to my spot and composed this just as the sun popped up and a few clouds helped dampen the brightness and keep it from overwhelming the scene. This was a truly beautiful arctic sunrise to behold with strong backlighting seeming to set the ocean on fire.

It’s going to be really, really hard to pick one of these recent shots for the January 2023 spot. May have to use one for the cover too ;-)