Rusted Rail on Gerry Island

On July 18, 2015 I walked across the low tide land bridge to Gerry Island and explored the rocky edges as the sun slowly set. I stopped at this rusted rail that appeared to have broken off and fallen. I imagine it once helped mark a path around the island but had fallen from a Nor'Easter long since forgotten.

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Looking Back at Doaks Lane

On August 17, 2015, I made my way onto Gerry Island before sunset using the low tide path to cross. I had this particular image in mind and hoped for a nice sunset but had to make due with a single cloud in the sky and soft light. The compressed view of the stacked houses and Old North Church made up for the somewhat lackluster sky. With Gerry Island now apparently stripped of overgrowth, I'm looking forward to returning to this spot with a longer lens for some new compositions.

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Last Days of Summer in Marblehead

As the nights turn cool, I wanted to take a look back at the last days of summer in Marblehead and found this shot captured from Brown's Island looking back toward town.  I had gone out to Brown's with my kids and met up with friends to enjoy a picture perfect Labor Day. At one point, we made our way to the tree swing and I took a few shots of my daughter swinging before turning towards this view. The juxtaposition of Abbot Hall and Old North Church makes for a great scene and the addition of boats moored in [...]

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Childrens Island in the Smoke

Today's foggy start reminded me of the sea smoke that enveloped Marblehead Harbor a few months ago.  On December 29th, I headed down to Front Street and captured images of sea smoke in truly arctic conditions. After exploring the lighthouse and capturing images of the Eastern and Corinthian, I turned my camera towards Childrens Island to find it surrounded by smoke.

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Full Buck Moon over Ram Island

The full moon is rising tonight but I won't have a chance to capture it.  Instead, I looked through my to-be-published archive and found this image of the full buck moon from July 2016 rising over Ram Island.  The sun had just dipped below the horizon (after 8:00pm!) and lent the sky a pink hue. I've shared one other image from this evening shortly after moonrise but really liked this one for the addition of the moonlight reflecting in the calm ocean waters.

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Last Light on Ram’s Island

This seemed like the perfect photo to end the week.  On July 23rd, I headed out at sunset to Preston Beach chasing a storm and wound up capturing an incredible pink sky with lightning bolts in front of rainbows (that sounds made up but it wasn't). Before any of that happened, I was treated to some interesting cloud formations and incredibly calm waters.  As the sun dipped lower in the sky, it lit up the horizon in a purple hue and the last light of the day cast a golden glow over Ram's Island.  I used a long exposure (3.2 [...]

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Sailors Lodge on Childrens Island

I discovered the Sailors Lodge on Childrens Island during a tour of the YMCA-owned island in October 2011.  The grounds offered a number of photo opportunities including this one of a bright orange door, various sailing flags and a winged column. If you haven't explored Childrens Island, keep an eye out for the late Spring and early Fall tours put together by the YMCA.

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Road to Nowhere – Gerry Island in the Fog

May is usually synonymous with foggy days as warm weather slowly advances into Marblehead.  This year was an exceptions with days and weeks of rain during what would be the 'foggy season'.  As I looked for an image to share today, I found this unique view of Gerry Island in the fog. I had gone out on this early May day in 2012 chasing the fog at sunset and hoping the two atmospheric phenomenon would combine to form a stunning sunset.  I explored Fort Sewall as the sun set (sadly, the fog became too thick to allow sunset's light through) [...]

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Rainbows and Rain Clouds

I mentioned in Wednesday's post that I can't wait for warm days and the long Summer sunsets that accompany them.  The other fun part of Summer can be found with passing storms and chasing down rainbows.  For some reason, 2015 offered a nearly endless supply of rainbows and they seemed to occur at the perfect time in relation to work and family responsibilities. This particular rainbow formed on a Friday night in July.  As soon as I arrived at home, I grabbed my camera gear and headed out to the nearest location - Bass Rock Lane.  From there I was [...]

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The Road Back to Town

The path between Gerry Island the main land is one of the most magical pieces of Marblehead - appearing twice a day like clockwork at low tide and disappearing without a trace as the tide rolls back in. I was out on Gerry Island hoping for a solid sunset backdrop for this image of the boats and houses along Doaks Lane.  While the sunset never materialized, I still really liked this image of the road back to town leading the eye toward the mainland. Have a great weekend!

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