I headed out tonight in the hopes of capturing the super flower full moon (when did moon names get so long?).  I had checked its expected location and decided to shoot from the recently renovated Fort Sewall only I did not pay attention to the time and arrive almost an hour early for the 7:40pm rise. I ended up crossing the causeway to shoot back towards Abbot Hall but the clouds filled the sky too quickly for a nice shot there.

Once back at the Fort, I set up only to realize I had missed my mark and quickly moved further up near the flag pole. I started off shooting a composition including Marblehead Light but then decided to take advantage of the zoom lens and focused in on Marblehead Rock. I’m glad I did as I otherwise would have missed the site of a paddleboarder coming into the harbor.  He seemed to be out specifically for this moonrise paddle (at least I convinced myself of that) and made the scene much more interesting and dynamic. I thought the silhouette made that full moon really seem far bigger than life in the final image.

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