Marblehead rock

Cloudscape above Marblehead Rock

The next few days will feature images captured on the short (but incredibly productive) boat ride out of Marblehead Harbor on July 14th.  Once we made it out of the harbor, I noted another nice cloudscape to the south and captured several images of the clouds above Marblehead Rock reflecting sunlight on the Atlantic Ocean. This was my favorite of that set.

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Above the Clouds at Chandler Hovey Park

This was the other image I captured from atop Fort Sewall as the full moon rose above the clouds on Sunday night. I shared the image of a lone paddle boarder which I thought offered a dynamic contrast in the relative sizes of man and moon.  I ended up favoring that image over this more classic composition but still thought this one worthy of a share. I wonder which you prefer - 'Moonrise Paddle' or 'Above the Clouds'?

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Moonrise Paddle

I headed out tonight in the hopes of capturing the super flower full moon (when did moon names get so long?).  I had checked its expected location and decided to shoot from the recently renovated Fort Sewall only I did not pay attention to the time and arrive almost an hour early for the 7:40pm rise. I ended up crossing the causeway to shoot back towards Abbot Hall but the clouds filled the sky too quickly for a nice shot there. Once back at the Fort, I set up only to realize I had missed my mark and quickly moved [...]

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Red Sky in Morning over Marblehead Rock

This Summer has flown by and my kids are both starting school today bringing an unofficial end to the best season in Marblehead.  As it happened, I haven't shot a single sunrise all Summer long and so, when I saw this image of red sky in morning over Marblehead Rock, I knew I had to share it. I took this photo on October 16, 2016 but had not had a chance to share it until now.  As the sunrise time finally climbs into the reasonable 6:00 hour, I'm hoping to venture out a bit more to capture the early morning [...]

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Marblehead Rock under an Orange Sky

As dawn broke on October 16, I was surprised to find a brilliant display of color looking East as the weather forecast had called for clear skies.  I was counting on a clear sky for the moonset I shot a few minutes later but was thankful for this display as I waited for the moon to descend. I've shot Marblehead Rock at dawn and sunrise before but found the striations of color behind it mesmerizing and couldn't help one more view.  I decided to shoot this as a panorama of vertical images which, when combined, created an 88 megapixel final [...]

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Pillars of Sea Smoke in Marblehead Harbor

This morning's record low temperatures (the coldest Marblehead has been in over a decade) meant that sea smoke was likely to occur.  Since moving to Marblehead in 2008, sea smoke has become one of my favorite subjects to photograph.  While I've taken photos of this incredible phenomenon of steam coming off the relatively hot ocean (with air temperatures of -10F above it), I've never seen a display of sea smoke as occurred this morning. After dressing appropriately for the arctic temperatures (it must have been -20 something with the wind chill), I left the house and made my first stop [...]

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Thankful for Five Years of Sharing the Beauty of Marblehead

Each year on Thanksgiving, I give thanks for the support of those who see and interact with my images on my website and various social media locations.  I started Wednesdays in Marblehead in August 2010 as a personal project to learn more about my new town.  I still remember those early days when I would post an image to the website and wonder if anyone would ever see it.  After five years and over 1,000 images shared, I'm humbled that so many have connected with these photos of Marblehead and the beauty to be found in a span of 4.4 [...]

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Dawn at Marblehead Rock

I woke up this morning with a few shots in mind using a lens borrowed from a friend and headed to Chandler Hovey Park to see if any of them would work out.  Shooting Marblehead Rock wasn't on my initial idea list but, when I saw the red color of dawn paint the sky, I knew the familiar shape of Marblehead rock would make for a nice silhouette. Enjoy the weekend!

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Fishing under the Full Moon

With this month's full moon, also known as the Sturgeon moon, I sought out a new spot from which to capture the rise.  I charted the expected location of its ascent and decided to use Marblehead Rock as my landmark with which to anchor the moon to a familiar spot.  I set up and waited for the moon to rise above a low marine layer of clouds.  Once it did, I started shooting - first wider shots to include the entire island and then closer shots. As the moon climbed in the sky, a boat came by on the way [...]

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