We started Saturday July 2nd with some rain and then had thunderstorms threaten but ended up veering to the south of us. I had gone out at 6pm hoping to capture some lightning but watches as the cells fell apart on radar. However, as rain formed and looked like it might clip Marblehead, I decided to head out once more – this time to Front Street.

I arrived and could see rain in the distance behind Marblehead Light and the sun had appeared but there was no rainbow to be found. I waited and another shower hit after which I headed out of the shelter of my car and spotted the beginning of a rainbow high up in the sky. I started shooting as the sun appeared and the rainbow grew to encompass half of the Neck. I had to extend my tripod to its full height and shoot from across the street to take in this full scene. A polarizing filter on the lens helped me bring out the colors of the rainbow but my favorite part is the light rays seeming to point at the Neck and Marblehead Light under the rainbow.