So this may be my favorite shot from Glover’s Regiment firing of the new cannon at Fort Sewall on Independence Day in Marblehead.

I had envisioned the shot I ended up sharing first – that of the cannon firing with Marblehead Light visible behind the fire and smoke. But after capture that image, and with the cannon being fired 13 times at noon, I had the opportunity to explore other angles and compositions.

This one was captured from directly behind the cannon and I started firing off shots as soon as one member of the Regiment placed a flaming torch to a small hole packed with gunpowder leading to the main powder charge. This is the literal definition of the saying ‘Fire in the Hole’ and the capture of so much orange fire and smoke with the still burning gunpowder and each member of the cannon team caught with fingers in ears and varied expressions of anticipation made this an instant favorite.  I loved this image as soon as I saw it on the back screen of the camera and even more so on my big screen at home.

Hope you agree.

Also, Glover’s Regiment is having their annual encampment this weekend at the Fort so make sure you attend.