Top 10 of 2022 – #3 Fire for Independence

This is the first year in which I have had two sets of images captured on the same day make it into my top 10 list. On July 4th, I had made it out to Fort Sewall for the dedication of the newly renovated fort and to capture Glover's Regiment firing their new cannon. It was incredibly hot that day and I only had a few firings to make sure I had my settings dialed in correctly. As I quickly discovered, not every shot included a plume of fire as some were simple smoke shots. By the time the last [...]

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Sunset Cannon at the BYC

Thursday turned out to be a great day in Marblehead. I had switched my day off and my wife and I were invited out to a short cruise out of the BYC by our friends and former neighbors. We had a quick trip out of the harbor and a faster return (wine glasses were forgotten) but the light was absolutely perfect and I came away with about 20 keepers that I'll have to share in the weeks to come (at least one or two this week too). After the cruise, we ate dinner and I excused myself as a nice [...]

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Fire in the Hole

So this may be my favorite shot from Glover's Regiment firing of the new cannon at Fort Sewall on Independence Day in Marblehead. I had envisioned the shot I ended up sharing first - that of the cannon firing with Marblehead Light visible behind the fire and smoke. But after capture that image, and with the cannon being fired 13 times at noon, I had the opportunity to explore other angles and compositions. This one was captured from directly behind the cannon and I started firing off shots as soon as one member of the Regiment placed a flaming torch [...]

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Ready to Fire at the Eastern Yacht Club

Today's image seemed a fitting way to end the week and comes from a mid-May photoshoot that ended at the Eastern Yacht Club.  I had gone out on this evening chasing the clouds you see but was disappointed as they solidified before sunset blocking any light from adding color to the sunset sky.  With a few minutes to spare, I raced over to the EYC and captured this image of its cannon ready to fire under a darkening sky. Enjoy the weekend and the coming warm weather.  Summer has definitely arrived in Marblehead!

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Firing the Sunset Cannon

This is the third variation of the sunset cannon being fired at the Eastern Yacht Club that I've shared on this site.  The first was a part of a collection that made its way into my book exploring how each of the yacht clubs celebrates this unique Marblehead tradition.  The second explored the view of the sunset cannon being fired with Marblehead Light in the background.  On this date, I had gone out to shoot the sunset and ended up at the Pleon Yacht Club.  As the sunset petered out, I made my way a bit early to the car [...]

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Firing the Cannon at the Eastern Yacht Club

As luck would have it, I was finishing off the evening's photo outing just as sunset approached and the nightly tradition of colors and firing the cannon commenced.  I spent last Summer capturing this tradition at each of the yacht clubs in town.  For the prior version at the Eastern Yacht Club, I had composed the image to include Abbot Hall in the background.  I realized on this night, I could capture the view of the cannon being fired at sunset with Marblehead Light in the distance. As the light dimmed, I set up for this shot and again closed [...]

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Firing the Cannon Under a Rainbow – Dolphin Yacht Club

Five yacht clubs in five weeks and it ends with a bang!  For those who might have missed the start of this project, it all began on May 20th when I found myself facing a lackluster sunset and decided to shoot the first of the yacht clubs firing the cannon at sunset.  It was supposed to finish on Tuesday night at the Dolphin Yacht Club.  I had called ahead a week prior and spoken to a wonderfully friendly South African gentleman who ran the launch.  He invited me down to shoot the cannon and the stars seemed to align well [...]

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Firing the Cannon at Sunset – Marblehead Yacht Club

On Wednesday, June 5th, I was able to visit the fourth of our yacht clubs and capture this image of the cannon firing at sunset over Marblehead harbor.  I had phoned the Marblehead Yacht Club when the conditions looked good for sunset and received permission to head down and try to capture their cannon firing at sunset.  When I arrived, I introduced myself to the launch driver and designated cannon shooter for the night - Dan.  It dawned on me as I sought out a composition just how different each of the cannons had been.  On this occasion, I had [...]

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Firing the Cannon at Sunset – Boston Yacht Club

After capturing yesterday's image of the woman running across the causeway and Monday's image of Castle Rock seen from Sky High, I decided to see if I could capture the third of five yacht clubs firing the cannon at sunset.  As I mentioned in the two previous posts, the first image was a happy accident but quickly led to this project and a pursuit to learn more about when this great tradition originated in Marblehead. I crossed back over the causeway and headed to the Boston Yacht Club on what ended up being a day when they were closed.  I [...]

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Firing the Cannon at Sunset from the Corinthian Yacht Club

Last week I shared an image of the cannon being fired at sunset from a yacht club.  That image came about by chance as I happened to end up at that spot during a fairly lackluster sunset and got the idea to focus on the cannon fire.  Click here to see that image and read a bit more about this tradition in Marblehead:  Cannon at Sunset After that incredible experience, I decided to try to photograph the other yacht clubs firing their cannons at sunset.  Next up was the Corinthian Yacht Club.  I first ventured out here on May [...]

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