This is definitely not the image I had in mind as I drove across the causeway ahead of an incoming storm. The darkening skies at 7pm made me check the radar and I spotted a large cell headed our way. As soon as dinner was finished, I headed out not exactly sure where I might capture the storm from.

I ended up at Foster Street as it seemed to be in line with the coming cell. I set up just in time to capture a few frames of golden light against the deep blue of the stormy weather headed our way. I missed a few subtle bolts and kept watching the radar to determine when I might need to give up.  I gave myself a final 60 seconds during which I mashed on the shutter and hoped to capture a bolt but the radar looked too dangerous to remain in an unprotected area. I made it to the car as the first drops of rain hit and drove home in significant downpours with high winds and frequent bright flashes of lighting.

I almost didn’t load any images from the card having been disappointed with the lack of a bolt but am glad I took a look at this earlier frame.

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