On July 12th, I was fortunate to witness (and capture) a great sunset over Marblehead Harbor. This is the fourth image from that outing which began with golden light over the harbor and exploded into a pink-red glow. At this point, crepuscular rays formed with the sunlight pushing through clouds and being broken up into these rays of light. It was tough to decide how to frame the shot to showcase the incredible sky but not sacrifice the golden glow of Marblehead Harbor.

Side Note: I started Wednesdays in Marblehead to share my images of this town. I was thrilled to create a book of those images as well as a yearly calendar. I hate playing the ‘game’ with Facebook, Instagram, etc in trying to figure out how to reach people who have tried to follow my work. I honestly have no idea who has heard or wants to hear that my 2023 Calendar is available for pre-order (I expect copies to arrive in 1-2 weeks) or that my attempt at a second book is up on Kickstarter. If you have already seen mention of this, please pardon this note. If not, you may learn more through my mobile friendly and simple page at https://wednesdaysinmhd.com/ig