On Saturday, I found myself driving my daughter to Fen Yang and spotted a brilliant red glow to my right as we passed Seaside Park. I had decided to drive to Spray Avenue for the moonrise but had time so I circled back and parked to try to capture this maple tree at peak color.

I found this angle from the base of the stairs at Our Lady, Star of the Sea across the street and waited for a break in the traffic to get this shot.

There is another maple near the water fountain that I last captured at peak foliage years ago and which seems to have become more stressed and frail as the years have passed. I was thrilled to find this new spot of bright red color and use it to frame the distant bleachers of Seaside Park.

I used to drive to the Northeast Kingdom for shots of foliage but am even happier finding these spots of peak color inside the confines of Marblehead, Massachusetts.