Friday Night Lights – Marblehead beats Norwood 21-7 in first round of Playoffs

As a landscape shooter, I never thought I would love shooting sports as much as I do. I started when my son joined the JV high school football team and have shot all of their games this year. I have also been fortunate to be allowed on the field for 3 of our varsity football games including last night vs Norwood. Marblehead came into the game undefeated and ranked in the top 5 of D3 high schools in the state but Norwood came to play and it was a tough fought match. In the end, the Magician defense and some [...]

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Heart of the Walking Man

Tom Saltsman has done it again - another brilliant sculpture to bring awe and wonder to the citizens of Marblehead. This year's sculpture is more incredible for having stood (literally) through two storms including a violent Nor'Easter that took out the town's power supply. I had seen the sculpture while it was still being put together and then on social media posts and had this image in mind but the weather would not cooperate...until today. After what felt like days of straight rain, the clouds parted and the sun actually shone. I headed to 32 Pleasant Street and found conditions [...]

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Crossing the Line – Fishermans Beach

I did it. I crossed the line. Got a text earlier in the day from Mark Katz inviting me to a photographer meet up at Fisherman's Beach. I confirmed with him that he indeed meant to invite me across the line to shoot in Swampscott ;-) I ended up hanging out with him and a few other photographers from both Marblehead and Swampscott and took a few shots as a nice sunset formed over the small harbor and Nahant in the distance.

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Proofing at Crocker

I'm not great at predicting weather but with the coming storm, I figured the old adage 'red sky in morning, sailor take warning' might work in reverse. Turned out to be a lackluster sunrise despite that old saying so I went with plan B... My 2022 Marblehead Calendar proof arrived late last night and it looks great. I immediately approved the full print run and brought the calendar with me this morning just in case. In lieu of an epic sunrise, I placed the proof on one of Crocker's rocks and made quick work of this product shot. With the [...]

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2022 Marblehead Calendar Finalized – PreOrders Now Open

Last week, I asked for help in choosing the best images for several months of my 2022 Wednesdays in Marblehead calendar. I had it narrowed down to 3 favorites for six of the months and with the help of votes on Facebook and Instagram, got it down to a final selection.  I am double-checking holiday dates now and expect to place an order with my printer by the end of the week. With proofing and slow mail, I should have the calendars by the end of September. Unfortunately, my printer's prices have gone up as have those from all shipping [...]

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Unexpected Hiatus – back in 1-2 weeks

Sorry for the abrupt stop to photos here. The reason is fairly lame and technical. Basically, all of my photos primarily reside on a set of hard drives connected to my iMac (a RAID array). They are backed up locally and to the cloud. I realized three weeks ago that the drives were now over 5 years old which greatly increases the chance for failure. So, I promptly purchased new hard drives but then I had to certify each drive, back up all of the data on the RAID (8 TB) and, now, am  in the process of restoring that [...]

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National Find a Rainbow in Marblehead Day

I didn't know there was a National Find a Rainbow Day until I saw the Corinthian's post today (April 3rd). Figured I would look back and see just how many rainbows I have captured in Marblehead and was surprised to find more than 40 in these past 10 years. Here are 27 of my favorites (link in profile on IG).

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Wednesdays in Marblehead is on a brief Hiatus

For the past few years, I have taken a brief break from capturing and sharing images of Marblehead in the first few months of the year. I saw that as an opportunity to 'recharge' my creativity and, after this past year, I really, really needed that again. Sorry for not letting everyone know (I got an email or two asking why posts had stopped and felt terrible for forgetting to post something like this in February). I plan to post again sometime in March or April. In the meantime, if you haven't seen every one of the more than 2,000 [...]

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White Christmas

It won't happen this year with wind and rain in the forecast but I've been meaning to share this image of the tree at the end of a pier off Crowninshield Road taken in 2017. It was one of those picture-perfect snowfalls and I lined up the shot of the tree with Doliber Cove and then lucked out with a seagull flying by. Merry Christmas everyone.

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