Ware pond

Fall in Marblehead – Fallen Leaves on the Path to Ware Pond

The next stop on this outing to capture peak Fall colors in Marblehead from Wednesday, October 23rd was Ware Pond.  I hadn't visited Ware Pond since last Fall and found that I had missed the peak of Fall colors in the trees that line the pond.  I decided to walk around to the rail trail and see what the path that leads to the waters edge might offer.  I arrived at this spot at a little after 10am and the sun was offering great dappled light through the trees and happened to be highlighting this collection of fallen leaves. The [...]

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The Road to Ware Pond

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, 'Little Harbor', I have been working on this shot for a while.  I had never explored the Oliver/Ware pond area prior to last Wednesday and that brings me to the underlying theme of this blog - exploring the town of Marblehead.  I happened to pick a still day and one with decent foliage to stroll through this area and new this would be the best shot from the day after setting up to take it.  Hope you agree. Technical: Canon 50D and EF-S 17-55mm lens.  6 bracket exposure.

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