Pickup Hockey Game at Redd’s Pond

Is there a more classic New England scene than a pickup hockey game on a frozen pond?  And if that happens to be Redd's Pond with a beautiful house abutting it and great light and clouds are around...timeless. I captured this image on New Year's Day and shared an iPhone version on my Facebook page shortly after.  While that image was well received, I decided to go with a black and white version of a different shot from the 'real' camera to share today.  The action in this one was just about perfect with kids heading off to chase the [...]

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Fall in Marblehead – The Pond off Whittier Road

When you think of perfect Fall scenes, a few elements come to mind - peak foliage on the trees, water to reflect those perfect Fall hues, blue skies with a hint of clouds, maybe a bench to sit on and take in the view....oh and a fountain...definitely a fountain! I tried to capture an image of this pond last year but missed the peak Fall colors that year and ended up with a drab scene lacking most of the above elements.  On this particular morning (Wednesday, October 23rd), I arrived here at 11am after capturing the colors at Tedesco Country [...]

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Fall in Marblehead – Fallen Leaves on the Path to Ware Pond

The next stop on this outing to capture peak Fall colors in Marblehead from Wednesday, October 23rd was Ware Pond.  I hadn't visited Ware Pond since last Fall and found that I had missed the peak of Fall colors in the trees that line the pond.  I decided to walk around to the rail trail and see what the path that leads to the waters edge might offer.  I arrived at this spot at a little after 10am and the sun was offering great dappled light through the trees and happened to be highlighting this collection of fallen leaves. The [...]

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What Lies Beneath – Fish at Redd’s Pond

On July 5th, my son and I arrived a bit early at Redd's Pond in anticipation of the annual Marblehead Festival of Arts model boat regatta.  The waters were calm and the deep blue skies were punctuated by the occasional white cloud.  As the sun disappeared behind one cloud, the reflections on the water at Redd's Pond gave way and fish appeared beneath the surface.  I have seen people fishing at Redd's Pond before but never actually saw a school of fish beneath the surface of the water before. I had forgotten my circular polarizer on this day so I [...]

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Fog on the Water at Redd’s Pond

On July 2nd, I went out at sunset to scout out spots from which to shoot the Fourth of July fireworks.  The tides were going to be approximately the same on this night as on the fourth and I decided to check on a few possible locations that were tide-dependent.  As I drove from one spot to another, I went by Redd's Pond and noted fog rolling across the water.  I had never seen the fog act this way at Redd's Pond before and quickly jumped out to try to capture this phenomenon. I'll note that this was some of [...]

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At the Starting Line of the Redd’s Pond Model Boat Regatta

On Friday, July 5th the Marblehead Festival of Arts Annual Model Boat Regatta took place at Redd's Pond.  As we have for each of the past three years, I took the kids to the lawn at Abbot Hall and we built a model boat to compete.  It was the boy's turn for a boat (they alternate each year) so we ended up with a grey on black battleship that he named the USS Constitution and promptly painted on cannons to do battle with the other boats.  We headed down to Redd's Pond at 3pm for the start of the model [...]

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Falling Snow on Redd’s Pond

On Wednesday, January 16th, a snow storm was predicted for Marblehead.  It was supposed to be a fairly small one with a few inches expected.  I decided to try to make the most of the opportunity and headed out at dawn to capture the event.  As luck would have it, I arrived at Redd's pond while the snow continued to fall.  I have a few images of Redd's blanketed in the white stuff but none of actively falling snow.  I set up the camera on a tripod and grabbed the umbrella to keep snow from hitting the lens.  The tricky [...]

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Snow Blankets Redd’s Pond and Pond View

That was a pretty incredible first snow of the season!  Not really...barely any ended up sticking.  As I watched the slush fall, I combed through the archives and found this image from January 2009.  The original processing left much to be desired so I got to work trying to breathe new life into the photo.  I'm much happier with it now and hope it conveys that feeling of being out at Redd's as the snow drifts down on a perfect Winter day.

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Melting Ice at Redds Pond

Don't get nervous/excited...it's another image from the archives and not the status of Redds at the moment.  This was actually taken in March 2009 after a snow storm and as the ice began to melt back.  As I mentioned on Monday's post, I have been trying to bring out images that have been sitting in my archive for a while and waiting for a break in new material to post them.  Hope you enjoy this view of Redds on this Wednesday in Marblehead...

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The Harvest Moon Rises over Redds Pond

Here's another shot from the archive, this time from mid October 2011.  On the same night that I took this image of the harvest moon and Abbot hall (click to view), I ended up with another great opportunity to shoot this full moon.  I drove back through town literally chasing the moon as I went and somehow found myself at Redd's pond.  By that point the moon had risen high enough to clear the trees and was positioned immediately over the Pond View house across the water. As luck would have it, the resident of the house must have just [...]

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