We had a great lightning storm pass through town on Saturday night during which I captured a number of bolts over the harbor (click to view).  Immediately after the show, I raced home to avoid the brunt of the rain and wind.  As the storm wound down, I noted the sun dropping below the clouds and thought I would try to push my luck and hunt for rainbows.  As I drove toward the causeway, I saw one off Devereux beach and quickly stopped to grab some shots.  It was small and I resigned myself that I had missed my chance until I turned and saw this bow to my left.

I quickly drove over the causeway and to Chandler Hovey Park where I took this shot as a sailboat passed Children’s Island.  You can just make out the hint of a double rainbow over the boat.  The size of the main bow was quite impressive in person.  Lots more rainbows to share as the week progresses so make sure you come back to check them out daily.

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