Childrens Island

Cloudy and no Chance of Moonset

I had gone out on Saturday morning hoping that the clouds might stay high enough or hold off long enough for me to capture the full moon setting. I drove across the causeway and looped around Chandler Hovey Park with those hopes rapidly fading but, as I crossed back along the causeway, I saw the first hint of pink in the morning sky. I quickly changed course and headed to the State Street Landing where I rushed out and captured a few compositions as the dawn sky erupted in color. This was my favorite of the four 'keepers' from this [...]

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Chandler Hovey Sunrise

I'm going to try to be better about getting back to regular morning posts and this seemed like a great way to kick things back into gear... Normally, getting the sun (or moon) perfectly placed behind Marblehead Light would have been planned out ahead of time by using at least one (and likely two) apps to determine location and angles and...  But on this particular April morning, I lucked out. I had gotten up on April 14th to shoot the sunrise as promised storms hinted at a nice sunrise and I made my way somewhat blindly toward Crocker Park. I [...]

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Halloween Blue Moon

And this was the view of the Halloween blue moon rising over Children's Island on October 31. I arrived at Crocker Park more interested in trying something new with focus stacking using a small pumpkin but, once the full moon appeared, I found myself in awe of the sight. There was something about this moment with the moon not yet cleared of Children's that made me immediately mark it as a favorite. The two boats moored in the harbor helped with a foreground element and broke up the otherwise empty harbor. I ended up with multiple outings between October 29 [...]

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Larger Than Life

I went out twice this past week to capture the moonrise and ended up getting skunked by cloud cover both times. I waited over an hour on Friday night but the moon refused to show and I headed home empty handed. Luckily, I still have 40 images of moonrises and moonsets in Marblehead that have not been published yet and pulled this one of a larger than life moon from a forgotten shoot in February 2020. The moon appears huge thanks to the use of a 400mm focal length which served to flatten the distance between foreground and background and [...]

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Vernal Worm Moon over Childrens Island

The super full vernal worm moon rose tonight over Childrens Island and I wasn't the only one who headed out to Fort Sewall to watch (and capture) the brilliant sight. I arrived to find much colder and windier conditions than expected and setup among a few other brave souls there to see the first full moon to rise on the spring vernal equinox in years. It took a while for the full moon to appear over the haze but I felt fortunate it did so while still in the frame I had settled on. I wanted to include the larger [...]

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Childrens Island in the Smoke

Today's foggy start reminded me of the sea smoke that enveloped Marblehead Harbor a few months ago.  On December 29th, I headed down to Front Street and captured images of sea smoke in truly arctic conditions. After exploring the lighthouse and capturing images of the Eastern and Corinthian, I turned my camera towards Childrens Island to find it surrounded by smoke.

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Sailors Lodge on Childrens Island

I discovered the Sailors Lodge on Childrens Island during a tour of the YMCA-owned island in October 2011.  The grounds offered a number of photo opportunities including this one of a bright orange door, various sailing flags and a winged column. If you haven't explored Childrens Island, keep an eye out for the late Spring and early Fall tours put together by the YMCA.

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Childrens Island and the Neck Bathed in Golden Light

On February 21st, I headed to Fort Sewall to chase what was shaping up to be a nice sunset and to capture the moon rising behind the great tree.  As luck would have it, the clouds had moved into a perfect position to reflect and accentuate sunset's golden light and I ended up with a number of keepers from various locations at the fort. This image represents the peak of the golden light that illuminated Childrens Island and the Neck.  I had been shooting over Gerry Island when I spotted the clouds and quickly found a position from which I [...]

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Perfect Night for a Moonrise

Wednesday ended up being a perfect night for a moonrise.  The first hint of an orange Beaver moon erupted into the sky behind Childrens Island and continued to climb as the sun set and the night took hold.  I shared one image from this evening that had immediately grabbed my eye but found two more shots to share as I worked on images on Thanksgiving. This image took place only 4 minutes before the one I shared on Wednesday night.  The moon can be seen with barely any clouds obstructing the view and had nearly cleared the small hill at [...]

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From Atop Marblehead Light

On July 2, 2014, I was fortunate to be invited to the top of Marblehead Light.  The climb was more difficult than I imagined with a sharply winding staircase within the small diameter of the lighthouse's central column.  Once atop Marblehead Light, the view more than made up for any difficulties. I've shared a number of images from this unique vantage point but none in this direction.  I was fortunate to have some clouds to offset the blue sky of this Summer day and, for a brief moment, the clouds blocked the sun leading the sun rays forming below.  I [...]

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