Tom Moore Rock Engulfed in Sea Smoke

Hope no one is tired of the beauty of sea smoke captured on a truly arctic morning earlier this month.  I had made it back to Castle Rock just before the sun rose and captured this image of Tom Moore Rock engulfed in sea smoke.  The smoke-formed clouds served to reflect the light of the rising sun with pastel pinks to bring color to the scene. As I worked on this image, I started to wonder about the history of Tom Moore Rock.  The best I have been able to figure out is that it started off as Nanepashemet rock and [...]

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Full Moon over Brown’s Island

Today's image comes from July 2013 when I headed out to capture the full moon (aka buck moon) rising over Brown's island.  This marks the 38th image of a full moon shared on my website. On this particular outing, the moon remained mostly hidden behind a layer of haze.  This image was the best capture of the full moon as it rose over the tree at Brown's Island and as a sailboat passed in the distance. The moon has been such a common theme that I have devoted an entire gallery to images including the moon as an element.  You [...]

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Chandler Hovey Park and Children’s Island

An image from mid-February captured as I headed out in search of the full moon and ended up with a really nice winter sunset as a bonus.  I had been shooting wide angle shots encompassing the nearly empty harbor with the few working boats moored in its protective waters when I saw this composition.  I zoomed in so that Chandler Hovey Park and Marblehead Light were visible under the soft pink hues of sunset while including the whole of Children's Island just beyond. The setting sun added a brilliant warm glow to the scene and the snow served to break [...]

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Brown’s Island Covered in Snow

Still in the archives but moving a bit closer to the present day with this image from January 3rd, 2014.  I had gone out at high tide after the Nor'easter / Blizzard swept through.  After capturing the impressive power of the waves crashing against the causeway and at Devereux Beach, I made my way out to Little Harbor and stopped along Beacon Street where I was awed by the level of the water at high tide. You can see the ledge and ladder on the left of the image and, if you have seen it during normal tides, might appreciate [...]

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Sea Smoke at Sunrise – Tinker’s Island and the Red Glow of Dawn

I just couldn't wait to share this image until Monday so here is a rare Sunday shot showcasing an incredible moment capturing sea smoke off Devereux Beach as the sun rose behind Tinker's Island. After the storm blew through and left us with almost two feet of snow, an arctic air mass was due to envelope Marblehead and with the near zero degree temperatures came the chance of seeing sea smoke.  I had only seen sea smoke on a few occasions since moving to Marblehead and have never missed a chance to go out and capture the fleeting phenomenon.  On [...]

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A Portrait of a Lobster Boat named Bertha

Shortly after capturing the first sunset of 2014 over Little Harbor which I shared yesterday, I turned and noted that the water in the harbor was acting like a giant perfect mirror.  The lobster boat named Bertha was the only boat left in the harbor and I settled on this composition with the giant tree at Brown's Island in the background and the two buoys spaced a bit away from the boat so as not to interfere with the reflections in the water. Enjoy the weekend.

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Fall in Marblehead – Peak Foliage on Brown’s Island

And so it absolutely perfect Fall day in Marblehead that began at Tedesco Country Club, continued at Ware Pond and the pond off Whittier Road, headed onto Beacon Street, now comes to a close with this view of peak foliage on Brown's Island.  By the time I reached an area from which to capture this image of peak foliage on Brown's Island, the clouds had started to build and were obstructing the sun all too often.  I had to wait for just the right moment at which some rays of light made their way through a helped illuminate the [...]

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Heading Down to Gas House Beach

The morning of June 12th ended up being a very busy one and would result in a number of different images being shared on this site.  I started with a shot of the harbor at dawn and then made my way around to State Street Landing followed by a stop at Little Harbor.  Below you can see the other images shared from this single morning's outing. By the time I reached this spot at Gas House Lane, the sun had climbed a fair amount but the clouds continued to diffuse the light.  I found this kayak holder that had left [...]

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Walking Home from Brown’s Island

The tides in Little Harbor and the way that roads appear and disappear between the mainland and both Gerry Island and Brown's Island have always amazed me.  I found myself at this spot in search of an image of the full moon one evening in July.  As I waited, I noted this group walking along the now submerged path from Brown's Island.  I caught a few photos as they walked through the water but this one of the leader looking back was my favorite. If you didn't know there was a path underfoot, the image would probably seem eerie and [...]

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