July 3rd was a very productive day in hindsight.  I used the day to scout out locations for shooting the fireworks the following day.  As part of that scouting mission, I biked to the causeway and tried to figure out compositions using my longest lens.  When I finished, I turned and saw the sun was in the perfect spot to make everyone on Devereux appear as silhouettes.  I took a few photos from up there and decided this was my favorite.  The clouds and surf were great but it’s the various people that make this shot for me.

If you look carefully, you can see two kids running out of the water, a man pointing out a house in the distance to a woman, a parent and child walking away and a woman walking closer.  There’s a kid with a boogie board and his friends/siblings surrounding him.  You can only imagine all the different stories and conversations that took place in this one moment in time.