This is the last image in our Chasing the Light series.  After the light hit its peak, I chose to zoom in from yesterday’s wide view and try to compose an image with Abbot Hall and the boats in the harbor while maximizing the light reflected in the water.  As opposed to the image taken prior to this where the long shutter speed served to calm the water, I chose to keep the subtle ripples here to add texture to the scene.

If you made it through this series (and you can see all five images in a row by going to the Blog page and scrolling through them), you may find it interesting that all images were taken between 7:58pm – 8:40 pm on a particularly great night of light.  If there is a piece of advice I can give it is to never stop chasing good light and to keep exploring different scenes and compositions as the light unfolds before you.

Hope you enjoyed the series.  With a one hour session producing six ‘keepers’, is it any wonder I’ve been posting images on a daily basis for the past six months?