Tuesday means another Long Exposure image.  This one comes from last Wednesday morning on an ill-fated attempt to shoot sea smoke.  Despite the 10 F temps, the harbor was eerily clear when I arrived at dawn to photograph this scene.  Rather than giving up, I decided to wait til sunrise and see what the clouds and light might offer.  As it turns out, the image came out great and I ended up sharing it last week.

Before the sun rose, however, there was just enough light to play with some long exposures.  This was still the blue hour and I decided to try to compose an image with the rocks in the foreground serving to break up the harbor.  The clouds in the distance would then work well as a backdrop against the houses on Marblehead Neck.  Normally, I would attach a remote and use a special filter to push exposures beyond the 30 second limit of the camera.  In this case, with the bitter cold, I had to make due with a 30 second exposure (iso 50, f/16 for those interested in the technical aspects).

In processing the image, I pushed the brightness of the harbor and sky to match and darkened the clouds a bit to help set off the houses on Marblehead Neck.  This has become a fast favorite of mine and hope yours as well.