Best of Show – Marblehead Festival of Arts 2013

As a photographer I’ve come to really love “bad” weather. It was for this reason that I woke up without an alarm on three successive mornings during the recent arctic blast and why a smile crept on my face as the warmup and light rain after blizzard combined to make for some dense fog on Monday night.  As soon as I got home from work, a meeting at a local hospital and reading a book with my son, I headed out in hopes of capturing the wonderful mood that fog adds to a scene.  I parked on Washington Street and made my way down to Old Town House stopping frequently to capture the familiar street now changed with the darkness of dusk and the diffuse glow of the lamp posts in the fog.

As I made my way up and down the street, I remembered that the fog was made into a stronger presence through the beams of oncoming traffic.  That meant a long wait for the occasional cars to come down hills or around corners and help me light up the landscape.  After capturing a number of images, I made my way to the car.  The fog had shifted though and made Abbot Hall look amazing in the spotlight glow.  I set up near the Jeremiah Lee mansion and waited for cars to come down the hill and help add to the scene before me.  As I waited, a lone gentleman came out from Rockaway Street and walked down Washington Street.  I quickly changed settings and cranked up the ISO to shorten the shutter speed.  I grabbed this frame as he walked in front of a lamp post and his shadow grew before him.  At the same time, a car came down Washington Street and lit up the background fog and houses.  I converted the raw image to black and white which helped draw out the strong contrasts of snow and fog, light and shadows.