For anyone who might be new to the site or who hasn’t read the About section, Wednesdays in Marblehead got the name because I typically have the day off work on Wednesdays and had decided in August 2010, to devote that day to shoot the town of Marblehead (whenever conditions allowed).  Since then, I have definitely gone out to shoot on other days and share my images every weekday so the name has lost a fair amount of its initial importance.  That being said, on Wednesday March 27, the light was so good that I came away with well more than five ‘keepers’.  I therefore decided to devote this week to sharing images taken on this one day.

To start, the light really was incredible on Wednesday.  There was a mix of great clouds and, when the sun broke through, it lit up the ocean giving off a Caribbean-like turquoise glow to the water.  My first stop was along Ocean Avenue.  I had two images that I wanted here – this one with the great big clouds, the beautiful water, gently breaking surf and, in the distance, the familiar Boston skyline.

I decided to boost the colors by putting a circular polarizer on the lens thereby cutting down reflections on the water and imparting a deeper color to the Atlantic.  I have to admit that the scene looks ‘fake’ but I promise that there was amazingly little done to it other than brightening a few spots and a slight crop.