Dramatic Sky from Castle Rock

As I continue to share images captured on a recent Wednesday in Marblehead, we reach Castle Rock.  As I drove past Ocean Avenue, I noted that the clouds were thickening and the breaks in the clouds were coming less often.  I arrived at Castle Rock and proceeded to climb to a good vantage point from which to photograph the private beach that these homes on the Neck are privy to. Unfortunately, I reached the top just as the light faded and the ocean turned to a flat ugly blue.  I went ahead and composed this image, checked all my settings [...]

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Long Exposure – Turquoise Atlantic and Boston Skyline

Yesterday, I shared an image taken from Ocean Avenue with turquoise waters, great big clouds and the Boston skyline in the distance.  This image was taken exactly 10 minutes later.  On top of the circular polarizer, I decided to add on two more neutral density filters to cut down the amount of light by more than 99.9%.  That meant I went from a shutter speed of 1/250th of a second with yesterday's image to 357 seconds with this one! I don't think I have ever shared a side-by-side of a 'normal' and long exposure and this is easily one of [...]

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Wednesday in Marblehead – Turquoise Water off Ocean Avenue

For anyone who might be new to the site or who hasn't read the About section, Wednesdays in Marblehead got the name because I typically have the day off work on Wednesdays and had decided in August 2010, to devote that day to shoot the town of Marblehead (whenever conditions allowed).  Since then, I have definitely gone out to shoot on other days and share my images every weekday so the name has lost a fair amount of its initial importance.  That being said, on Wednesday March 27, the light was so good that I came away with well more [...]

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