Last night, I arrived home from work only to find a fog starting to roll in.  I quickly ate dinner and grabbed the camera and kids (my wife was at a staff meeting) and headed out to shoot some fog.  I’m happy to report that the venture was a great success – not only did I capture some nice shots of my kids but I took what maybe a top-10 all time photo for me…this is not that photo.

Before taking that image, we explored Chandler Hovey park and shot – I with my camera, the kids with my old dSLR.  The fog kept thickening and thinning and I was as mesmerized by it as by the view of the harbor suddenly filled with boats.  I decided to capture this image during one of the ebbs in the fog to capture the feel of Marblehead harbor as it begins to fill with boats for the season.

As for the image I mentioned before, I need to let that one sit and digest a while.  I hope to share it as early as tomorrow but may wait til next week.  In the meantime, I’ll share the keywords from that one ‘Abbot Hall, fog, boats, harbor, epic light’