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Sunset from the Boston Yacht Club

Though I haven't been out shooting much in the past few weeks, it's almost as much fun to revisit images from my archive that have yet to see the light of day. This one was taken almost exactly one year ago (June 3, 2013) shortly after I captured the Boston Yacht Club cannon firing at sunset.  As I turned towards the causeway and Skinner Head, I spotted a nice cloud formation and streaks of clouds serving to accentuate the colors of sunset. Between the image from one of Marblehead's yacht clubs and the official first day of Summer having just [...]

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Huey and Louie Visit the Eastern Yacht Club

I mentioned on Tuesday's post that we had a lot of rain in early September and otherwise boring gray skies.  The day after I ventured out to shoot at Cove Lane (and it started to rain minutes after that shot was taken by the way), I discovered that there was dense fog to be found in the harbor.  I started shooting at Riverhead beach and slowly made my way out to Marblehead Neck again.  This time, I stopped in along Foster Street and made my way down to the Pleon pier. As I looked around, I found these two rowboats [...]

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Good Speed and the Corinthian Yacht Club

Here is another image from the boat tour around Marblehead that took place on July 16th.  By now we had made our way into Marblehead harbor and the light was really picking up.  As we motored past the Corinthian yacht club, I spied this sailboat coming up.  I decided to frame the shot so that the boat would show up in the bottom third of the frame and had to fire off a number of shots and hope that I got the shot as I had wanted.  It turns out that it is much harder to shoot on a moving [...]

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Firing the Cannon Under a Rainbow – Dolphin Yacht Club

Five yacht clubs in five weeks and it ends with a bang!  For those who might have missed the start of this project, it all began on May 20th when I found myself facing a lackluster sunset and decided to shoot the first of the yacht clubs firing the cannon at sunset.  It was supposed to finish on Tuesday night at the Dolphin Yacht Club.  I had called ahead a week prior and spoken to a wonderfully friendly South African gentleman who ran the launch.  He invited me down to shoot the cannon and the stars seemed to align well [...]

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Firing the Cannon at Sunset – Marblehead Yacht Club

On Wednesday, June 5th, I was able to visit the fourth of our yacht clubs and capture this image of the cannon firing at sunset over Marblehead harbor.  I had phoned the Marblehead Yacht Club when the conditions looked good for sunset and received permission to head down and try to capture their cannon firing at sunset.  When I arrived, I introduced myself to the launch driver and designated cannon shooter for the night - Dan.  It dawned on me as I sought out a composition just how different each of the cannons had been.  On this occasion, I had [...]

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Firing the Cannon at Sunset – Boston Yacht Club

After capturing yesterday's image of the woman running across the causeway and Monday's image of Castle Rock seen from Sky High, I decided to see if I could capture the third of five yacht clubs firing the cannon at sunset.  As I mentioned in the two previous posts, the first image was a happy accident but quickly led to this project and a pursuit to learn more about when this great tradition originated in Marblehead. I crossed back over the causeway and headed to the Boston Yacht Club on what ended up being a day when they were closed.  I [...]

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Marblehead Harbor Starting to Fill with Boats

Last night, I arrived home from work only to find a fog starting to roll in.  I quickly ate dinner and grabbed the camera and kids (my wife was at a staff meeting) and headed out to shoot some fog.  I'm happy to report that the venture was a great success - not only did I capture some nice shots of my kids but I took what maybe a top-10 all time photo for me...this is not that photo. Before taking that image, we explored Chandler Hovey park and shot - I with my camera, the kids with my old [...]

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Under the Pier at the Eastern Yacht Club

It's Tuesday so back to Long Exposures from around town.  This one was taken in January 2012 as I explored the shores along the neck and scampered over rocks and under piers.  The structure above this one struck me and I decided to center it in the frame to emphasize the symmetry.  A long exposure helped calm the already fairly still waters below.  Hope you enjoy this one.

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Long Exposure – Under the Corinthian

This past Saturday started off with boring blue skies but the weather report promised incoming clouds.  I decided to head out in the hopes of capturing the clouds as they came in and use a long exposure technique to show their movement.  As I drove across the causeway, I noticed sailboats in the harbor and stopped to take a few images of them passing in front of Abbot Hall (come back tomorrow to see that post).  I continued to drive around the Neck exploring possible shots when I happened upon someone I knew on Corinthian Lane.  After chatting with him [...]

Lunch at the Yacht Club

As I biked around the neck in July, I happened to turn down the street where this yacht club resides and noticed its outdoor seating area for the first time.  I asked permission to photograph it and was thrilled to be given the opportunity to shoot this breath-taking scene.  This was taken at 9:30am so it wasn't quite time for lunch but the sun was at my back and perfectly illuminated Marblehead harbor filled with boats on their moorings.  I can only imagine how peaceful it would be to sit here and have some lunch...and a beer or two.  For [...]

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