On Friday, July 5th the Marblehead Festival of Arts Annual Model Boat Regatta took place at Redd’s Pond.  As we have for each of the past three years, I took the kids to the lawn at Abbot Hall and we built a model boat to compete.  It was the boy’s turn for a boat (they alternate each year) so we ended up with a grey on black battleship that he named the USS Constitution and promptly painted on cannons to do battle with the other boats.  We headed down to Redd’s Pond at 3pm for the start of the model boat regatta and were treated to blistering heat and incredibly harsh light.  The kids had a blast and I caught one nice photo of my son launching the battleship.

It turned out that I had a photo waiting from last year’s model boat regatta that I had been meaning to share before this weekend.  When I compared the two, this one easily won.  We had really nice conditions that year with much softer light and I remember getting this shot just before the cannon fired to signal the start of the race.  I can just make out a part of my daughter’s face in the crowd of children eagerly waiting to set their model boats into Redd’s Pond and compete in the regatta.  You can’t beat the sight of the brightly colored sailboats in their small hands lined up at the edge of the pond.

This is yet another of those quintessential events put on by the Marblehead Festival of Arts as part of the Fourth of July festivities that makes Marblehead so very special and makes me feel very fortunate to be living here.

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