Fall Regatta at Redd’s Pond

On Sunday, I was working on my first Wednesdays in Marblehead talk set to take place at one of our yacht clubs this Wednesday. As I took a break from the slideshow, I turned to Facebook and realized that I had almost missed the fall regatta of model sailboats at Redd's Pond.  Thanks to Kristen's Facebook photos, I quickly jumped in the car and made it to Redd's in time to capture the last few minutes of racing. The first thing I noticed was the foliage at Old Burial Hill and walked around the pond to find the composition which would [...]

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At the Starting Line of the Redd’s Pond Model Boat Regatta

On Friday, July 5th the Marblehead Festival of Arts Annual Model Boat Regatta took place at Redd's Pond.  As we have for each of the past three years, I took the kids to the lawn at Abbot Hall and we built a model boat to compete.  It was the boy's turn for a boat (they alternate each year) so we ended up with a grey on black battleship that he named the USS Constitution and promptly painted on cannons to do battle with the other boats.  We headed down to Redd's Pond at 3pm for the start of the model [...]

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Fall Regatta at Redds Pond

Yesterday, I drove around town looking for hints of Fall foliage.  I hit all of my favorite trees from last year and found that many were still in the early stages of turning.  As I drove up Pond Street, I happened upon a great regatta taking place at Redds Pond.  I decided this was too great a scene to pass up.  I set up for a view to include the backdrop of the house across the pond and Old Burial Hill.  As the boats came by under perfect conditions, I captured this pair in the foreground.  Make sure you come [...]

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A Spring Sail for the Jackson Cup

On April 14th, the Boston Yacht Club hosted the 14th annual invitational Jackson Cup regatta.  It was a beautiful Spring day and I couldn't pass up the chance to shoot the colorful sails in an empty harbor so I biked down to find a good vantage point.  My first stop was Hammond Park (which will soon play a major role in the Marine Aviation Centennial).  I caught the trees at just the right time and quickly composed a photo to highlight the boats passing the lighthouse inside our harbor with a perfect example of Spring's beauty.  Enjoy this image on [...]

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A Halloween Regatta on the steps of Abbot Hall

Bit of a late entry today as I could not make up my mind which of three shots to post.  I asked fans on my Facebook page to weigh in and this was the unanimous winner.  On October 29, the Eastern Yacht Club sponsored an in-harbor regatta.  Given the location and the promise of colorful sails, I knew that I couldn't miss this opportunity and headed down to the Neck long lens in hand.  I set up near the Pleon yacht club and braced myself against the wind as the boats moved across familiar landmarks. As I mentioned, I ended [...]

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