I missed a great Summer sunset on Thursday and decided to make up for it with a photoshoot on Friday.  I headed out at 7pm and made my way to Devereux Beach to scout out the skies.  Unfortunately, there was nothing but boring blue looking out over the harbor with more interesting clouds back towards Greystone and Goldthwait.  Having recently shot sunsets from Devereux Beach, I decided to drive out to Marblehead Neck and see if I could find some new vantage points.

After circling around the parking lot at Chandler Hovey Park, I drove back down Kimball Street and then Ocean Avenue.  As I approached Corinthian Lane, I decided to pull in and see how the clouds were stacking up.  I found a parking spot and felt as though I hit the jackpot – nice clouds to reflect the setting sun, calm waters, a full harbor and beautiful homes with their piers.  The only thing missing was a gust of wind to set the American flag on the nearest pier flying but my prayers for that were answered before the light faded.

As I was shooting, I spotted Becky from Marblehead on Harbor who told me that the spot I was shooting at had been her husband’s favorite for years.  It felt good to continue that tradition.  If you are in search of a great bed and breakfast on the Neck, make sure you check out her Marblehead on Harbor [LINK]