Continuing with the great light featured this week, this is a shot from the afternoon of Sept 13th.  Storms seem to be missing us to the north and south on this particular day and I headed out in hopes of capturing the storms from a distance.  I started off at Devereux Beach where I shot under the cover of the picnic table structure.

The clouds kept forming and braking and, at this point, broke at just the right spot to let in the rays of light from the sun.  You can just make out a spot of blue sky above and the rays seem to be aimed at one spot in the ocean lending a bright spot to the scene.  The houses and Goldthwait Beach stand in the distance.  The only witnesses to this beauty seem to be the seagulls at the edge of the ocean’s waves.

P.S. – it was shortly after getting this image (and tomorrow’s) that I headed across the causeway and eventually captured the awesome Storm Chasing scene.