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Sailboats and Sun Rays

I'm going to profess my ignorance again and admit that I do not know what to call these two beautiful boats other than 'sailboats'. As we headed out of Marblehead Harbor on a quick trip with friends, I looked back and spotted sun rays breaking overhead. As we passed these two sailboats, I noticed the angles of the rays seemed to mimic the lines on the masts and quickly composed this image to capture the two boats on their moorings, Abbot Hall in the background and a great sky above.

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Last one from the outing on July 14th (for this week anyway). We were heading out of the harbor at 5:50pm and the breaks in the clouds had created incredible rays of light shining down over Marblehead Harbor. I snapped away as we motored out and really liked this image as the light seems to be shining directly on the boat named Intermezzo.

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Rays of Sunlight over Marblehead Harbor

I mentioned in yesterday's post that we had taken a quick ride through the harbor last Thursday and that I was treated to some great light. The light was different in every direction (two more images coming later in the week to show case this) and the rays of sunlight were a particular draw. For this shot, I tried to time it so the two sailboats with their triangular lines (can you tell I have zero nautical knowledge?) would serve to accentuate the lines of the sunrays and tried to get Abbot situated nicely behind the taller boat in the [...]

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Marblehead Rays

September 4th was quite the photo outing with this first stop along Corinthian Lane paving the way for a later outing at Crocker Park that would yield some instant favorite images. When I first went out at 5pm, it was to catch a break in rain showers and some interesting clouds that I had spotted overhead. I drove across the causeway and then glanced left as I drove along the Neck finally deciding to pull over along Corinthian Lane. I arrived just as another storm was approaching and, with the broken cloud cover, the sunlight was broken up into sun [...]

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Sunrise through the Cloudbank

The temperatures on Saturday, October 17 threatened to dip below freezing overnight and I thought there might be a chance of seeing seasmoke in the harbor.  I had to be in Portsmouth for a conference at 8:15am but figured I would have just enough time to capture the sunrise from Front Street. As I drove, the temperature on my car's thermometer displayed a cold 32F on this mid-October day and I remained with high hopes until I reached Front Street.  There was no seasmoke to see though the cold air above warm water did combine to form a nice cloud [...]

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Rays of Light over Marblehead Harbor

Today's image was taken on Tuesday, August 18 from the pier at the Pleon Yacht Club.  I had set up early for sunset figuring the clouds in the sky might offer a decent show.  As it happened, the clouds served to create these beautiful rays of light while the sun was still fairly high above the horizon. The clouds then thickened as the sun descended and caused the sunset to fizzle out.  I saw the lackluster show developing and so I packed up my camera and tripod and headed to the car.  It was then that I noticed the Eastern [...]

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Light Up the Trees

So as luck would have it, this image was waiting in line next to yesterday's image of the lifeguard chair on an empty beach.  I went back to view all images taken on this day and remembered there was a "smoky sou'wester" that explained this phenomenon.  I had never heard the term until a gentleman floating in the waters of Doliber Cove shared it with me. Anyway, this image of a flag planted near a small grave marker at Old Burial Hill came from a walk around Marblehead exploring the foggy conditions.  The angle of the sun and fog served [...]

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Sun Rays through Cherry Blossoms

The past month has been a brutal one with a record amount of snow and more on the way.  With that in mind, it seemed appropriate to post a 'warm' photo and nothing matches cherry blossoms for the feeling of a warm Spring day. This image was captured on April 25th, 2014.  So we only have two months to go until the snow melts and the beauty of Spring erupts.

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Sun Rays over Abbot Hall and The Importance of Backups

This morning, while at work, I received this automated email message from my backup software: "This file or folder is sitting on a bad section of hard disk media and is unrecoverable. Delete this item (i.e. in the Finder) and restore it from a known good backup, then try the backup task again." The files it was referring to (15 in all) were on my main external hard drive that holds all of my images from Wednesdays in Marblehead as well as every image of my children.  In fact, there are almost 100,000 images housed on that drive which is [...]

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Rays of Light over Marblehead

On Saturday, the first Arts Fusion event took place at Abbot Hall as a fundraiser for the Marblehead Art Association and Marblehead Festival of Arts.  I had donated a framed print and copy of my to-be-published book and was excited to see the work on display. Before heading over there though, I noted clouds forming over the town and they seemed to be breaking up just enough to let some rays of light pass through.  I decided to drive out to Marblehead Neck to see if my hunch was right and discovered this scene from a vantage point on Corinthian [...]