On November 3rd, I had decided to try to capture one of the incredible strings of sunsets that had been forming (and that I had been missing for various reasons).  I followed the clouds to Devereux Beach and managed to capture a nice scene of Marblehead Neck with fall colors on the trees.  If you missed it, click here


After capturing that image, I turned and noted someone in the waters off Devereux Beach.  It took me a minute to see that he was busy clamming in the Atlantic Ocean and only a few more minutes to realize how perfect the scene was.  The lone man clamming on Devereux Beach, a bucket on the sand, the great colors of sunset lighting up the sky and the wet sand below and not a single other person to be found.

I hope the clammer found some success in those chilly waters.  The ocean wasn’t helping him with the churning waves but I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect scene and one that was unique to this this great town of Marblehead.