Clamming on Devereux Beach at Sunset

On November 3rd, I had decided to try to capture one of the incredible strings of sunsets that had been forming (and that I had been missing for various reasons).  I followed the clouds to Devereux Beach and managed to capture a nice scene of Marblehead Neck with fall colors on the trees.  If you missed it, click here [LINK]. After capturing that image, I turned and noted someone in the waters off Devereux Beach.  It took me a minute to see that he was busy clamming in the Atlantic Ocean and only a few more minutes to realize how [...]

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Clammer in the Water

A late entry this morning and one that complements the image from Monday.  After racing to shoot the great colors of dawn and finding someone digging for clams, I kept walking and looking for strong compositions with this guy in the water.  When I got behind him and saw this view of a lone person in the vastness of the ocean, I knew I had found what I wanted.  The boat in the distance seems to balance the scene perfectly.

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Clamming at Dawn

I had to get up early on Friday morning for an electronic medical record meeting at a local hospital.  As I got dressed and ready for the day, I looked at the window and saw an incredible display of pinks and purples lighting up the sky.  I decided to postpone breakfast and raced downstairs, grabbed the always ready camera bag and drove.  I wasn't sure where I was going but found myself on Atlantic Avenue headed toward Ocean Ave.  The light was starting to fade as I pulled up to Devereux beach and jumped out of the car. There was [...]

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