On Saturday, February 1st, I woke early so I could drop off my son at the YMCA snowboarding/skiing trip to Nashoba Valley.  Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I had thrown my camera bag and tripod in the car and, after dropping him off at 6:45am, drove in search of good light.

I watched the clouds as I drove and decided to shoot from the overlook at the end of Chestnut Street where it meets Cliff Street but the view wasn’t quite what I had in mind.  I quickly jumped back in the car and drove Cliff Street to Commercial Street and one of my favorite spots – Hammond Park.  At the risk of giving away one of my best locations, Hammond Park really does offer incredible views and I’m always surprised to find it deserted when I am there.  It’s a small treasure in our town that more people should get out and explore.

So I arrived at Hammond Park and set up my tripod during the blue hour of dawn before the sun had yet risen.  The colors were starting to change from blue to orange and the waters in Marblehead Harbor on this calm morning were incredibly still to the point of acting like a mirror.  I decided to close the aperture as low as it would go and drop the ISO as well to try for the longest shutter speed I could and further calm any slight ripples in the water.  This image was the result.

The reflection in the calm morning waters of Marblehead Harbor were perfect and the empty buoys (normally not my favorite feature) were laid out in a pattern that seemed to mimic and accentuate the cloud structures above.

I left Hammond Park shortly after the sun rose and headed to Old Town to pick up where I had left off with ‘Keep it Local Fridays’ – my attempt to raise awareness of the incredible stores (and storefronts) in our town.  Watch for that series to resume in the very near future.