Continuing with this week’s theme of images captured on the morning of Thursday, February 6 after 10-12 inches of snow fell on Marblehead, we come to this impossibly beautiful scene. After capturing the image at Fort Sewall and then the tree lined street of Glendale Road, I noticed the clouds were lighting up and decided to head to a nearby favorite vantage point.

I arrived at Bass Rock Lane to find much of the lane that extends to the Atlantic ocean beyond covered with unmarked snow. I hated to disturb the snow and so I set up a vertical shot incorporating the fence post leading to the water’s edge and a great cloud bank above the water. It took a few exposures to get the light balanced correctly and the timing for this image could not have been better as a group of seagulls situated themselves perfectly above the darker bank of clouds.

As for the impossible part… Well, this scene doesn’t actually exist at the end of Bass Rock Lane. You see, on the right, there is a wooden fence as well but it is backed by a chain link fence. Cloning out the chain link fence wasn’t practical or possible and so I did the next best thing – I copied the lower left part of the image and reversed it. I did so carefully to balance the scene but decided that creative license would allow me to do what I could to remove the chain link fence from view and present this impossibly beautiful scene to you.