On Saturday, February 15, I woke early to take my son to the YMCA snowboarding lesson and then drove in search of images of the early morning sun reflecting off snow. We already had a good amount of snow on the ground and were due for yet another blizzard that evening. I figured the unsettled air might help bring out a nice sunrise.

I began with images of Tedesco’s trees and greens covered in snow and then drove off to find good light. As I watched the sky brighten, I decided to head to Greystone beach in the hopes of finding a nice patch of relatively undisturbed snow to reflect the morning light. As I arrived at Greystone beach, the sun had already risen a fair amount and I set up my tripod in the snow to capture the scene of the ocean, bare tree benches and rocks. The range of light was incredible wide even this early in the morning and I was thankful for the clouds when the sun disappeared for a few seconds to help balance the scene.

As I walked to the car, I grabbed my iPhone to share a quick snap of the scene with my Facebook fans knowing that I likely would not share this image until today. By then, the sun had escaped the clouds and the iPhone actually handled the scene fairly well. The image was very well received on Facebook and I hope this final one is as well.