Greystone beach

Greystone Beach on a Snowy Morning

As this Winter without snow continues, I thought I would look back in my 'to be posted' archive for images from past Winters.  Today's shot comes from the morning of February 15, 2014 and a short drive over to Greystone Beach to capture the view of snow covered ground reflecting the soft light of sunrise.

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Red Sky at Morning over Greystone

This image comes from April 23rd and a surprisingly productive dawn photo shoot that began along Bass Rock Lane.  From here, there is a great vantage point of the houses in Greystone that line the shores of Marblehead.  I couldn't help but add in that old adage: Red sky at morning, sailors take warning; Red sky at night, sailors' delight.

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The Calm Before the Storm – Greystone Beach

On Saturday, February 15, I woke early to take my son to the YMCA snowboarding lesson and then drove in search of images of the early morning sun reflecting off snow. We already had a good amount of snow on the ground and were due for yet another blizzard that evening. I figured the unsettled air might help bring out a nice sunrise. I began with images of Tedesco's trees and greens covered in snow and then drove off to find good light. As I watched the sky brighten, I decided to head to Greystone beach in the hopes of [...]

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Crashing Waves at Greystone Beach

You know things are bad when posting an image of crashing waves after a long and brutal storm actually cheers me up and helps me forget about the miserable cold outside with snow still on the ground.  This particular image was taken on Saturday, March 9th after that long storm finally moved off but seemed to still be churning up a significant amount of wave action in its wake. I had already been to Preston Beach for a solid hour shooting the waves as they hit the wall when I decided to drive over to Greystone Beach.  The waves were [...]

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Greystone Beach After the Storm

For the past few days now, I've been chasing Sandy's effects both during and after the storm's peak.  I had a feeling that one of these mornings might prove to be a decent one for a sunrise shoot and realized that this morning was just the one.  On Wednesday, I looked out and noted some nice clouds and a touch of pink in the sky.  I quickly got into the car and drove off only to turn around when I realized I had forgotten my tripod! I finally made it out and realized the light was changing fast.  Did a [...]

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