We enjoyed a perfect weekend in Marblehead these past few days with warm temperatures, occasional clouds and enough activities in town to keep everyone busy.  As Sunday evening rolled around, I decided to head out and try to photograph the sunset in part to capture this moment.  I drove across the causeway and ended up at Chandler Hovey Park as I chased the light breaking through clouds.

When I arrived, I walked the park as if seeing it for the first time as I found myself needing to rethink all of my old compositions now that the skyline was punctuated by scaffolding and red fabric in place of the iconic Abbot Hall tower.  I was actually grateful for the opportunity and tried out a number of different compositions throughout the small park.  As sunset approached, I settled on this one as a favorite and waited for the light.

Rather than an explosion of color, I was treated to fairly subtle hues in the sky.  The light balanced nicely against the red door at the base of Marblehead Light and shone just enough off the black paint on the side of the cylindrical structure.  At the end of a perfect weekend, I know have this image to forever remind me of it (and a few others that I’ll be sharing in the days/weeks to come).