The Base of Marblehead Light

We enjoyed a perfect weekend in Marblehead these past few days with warm temperatures, occasional clouds and enough activities in town to keep everyone busy.  As Sunday evening rolled around, I decided to head out and try to photograph the sunset in part to capture this moment.  I drove across the causeway and ended up at Chandler Hovey Park as I chased the light breaking through clouds. When I arrived, I walked the park as if seeing it for the first time as I found myself needing to rethink all of my old compositions now that the skyline was punctuated [...]

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Fort Sewall in the Snow

One of my all time favorite images and one that I took within 6 months of moving to Marblehead.  I remember we had a significant storm come through on January 18, 2009 and I made my way up to Fort Sewall to explore.  The snow was wet and the air still so the tree that stands in front of the red doors still held on to much of it.  The beautiful outline of the tree's bark and the red doors offering a touch of color made for a perfect scene. I have returned to Fort Sewall numerous times over the [...]

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Fall colors explode in Marblehead

On Tuesday, November 8th I found myself with a bit of time at 3pm with which to explore downtown.  I drove down Pleasant street with a destination in mind when I saw this tree lit up by a late Fall sun.  I quickly parked and set up to capture this beautiful tree at peak color perfectly framing the beautiful blue door of this house.  If you look carefully, you can just make out the tag explaining that this house was built by Samuel Martin, Housewright in 1828.  I found a wealth of color as I raced against the setting sun [...]

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