All images shared this week have come from two very different outings on Sunday, November 2nd.  Monday’s came during the first snow of the season but, what followed, was an incredible sunset which always seems to follow such a storm.

I shared an image yesterday from Forest River which had been my first destination when the light show began.  Immediately after capturing that image, I drove back up Leggs Hill Road to the parking lot of the YMCA.  Once there, I found that the young trees were still holding onto their leaves which had changed to a bright orange hue.  I composed this image to highlight the trees in the mid ground against the backdrop of a brilliant sunset and, in the foreground, including the blacktop which was reflecting the pinks and purples in the sky.

I’m amazed that over four years and 1,000 images after first starting this project, I continue to find new spots to explore in this small but beautiful New England town.